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United States History 11- Industrial Revolution through Present Day
The study of US History from the Industrial Revolution utilizes the textbook The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century. Students have access to a class set of textbooks and digital versions available through the Google Classroom page. 

In US II students will build an E-Portfolio throughout the year. This E-Portfolio will contain predictions, reflections, and links to each digital assignment completed for the multiple units of study. Please check in on your student's portfolio throughout the year. You will be fascinated by what your students can do!

Sociology is the study of human society that focuses on the formation and action of human groups. A general study of sociology includes topics such as culture and society, social inequality, social institutions, and social change. These topics require students to possess a general knowledge of the world in which they live and an understanding of how individuals interact in various kinds of groups. In order to address issues involved in living together in societal groups, students examine the importance of tolerance and respect for others and are challenged to actively research and discuss the influences of genetics, demographics, religion, and personal behaviors on society.

US 11 Syllabus

Spanish US 11 Syllabus


Sociology Syllabus

Spanish Sociology Syllabus

Sociology Weekly Agenda