Seniors ONLY - 
Final Exam week will begin on Monday, May 13, 2024.  Please see below for the Final Exam schedule for exact exam dates and times. 

Grades 9-11 - Final Exam week will begin on Friday, May 17, 2024.  Please see below for the Final Exam schedule for exact exam dates and times. 

May 2024 Semester Exam Schedule

*Several elective classes do not require a semester exam and students will be considered “exempt” for those classes (with appropriate Attendance Contract) regardless of student’s grade. Teachers will communicate this information to the students accordingly.  

Attendance Contracts:  (Required)

The week before exams begin, your student will receive an “Attendance Contract” for each class.  Your signature on each form will grant permission for the student to be absent from the class period without penalty.  If a student leaves campus without completing the process of the “Attendance Contract”, that student will be considered “Skipping” and issued a Class II (208) violation per the PHS Code of Conduct.  All students are allowed to remain on campus the full day and lunch will be served daily.    

2023-2024 Semester Exam Exemption Policy: 

(PHS students only) Students in grades 9-12 may be exempt from the semester exam if they meet the qualifications below. 

This does not apply to AP exams, PE, enrichment, intervention, or most non-core classes. 

To qualify for a semester exam exemption, the student shall have: 

  1. No unexcused absences including unexcused check ins and unexcused check outs for the semester and;
  2. No more than two tardies for each class per semester and;
  3. Meet the following grade and attendance requirements;
    1. Have an "A" average for the semester and no more than 3 excused absences in the class for the semester or;
    2. Have a "B" average for the semester and no more than 2 excused absences in the class for the semester.
  4. No ISS or higher discipline consequences for the semester.

The attendance qualifications are based on individual class attendance and conclude the day before exams.


Here are a few updates for you to help plan the next few months:

  • Senior Field Day- Friday, March 22nd. Due to weather, it is now scheduled indoors in the main gym.  PCS will be taking lots of pictures and sharing!
  • Spring BreakMonday, March 25th - Friday, March 29th. Enjoy this time with your Senior, maybe apply for more scholarships (several open and due soon), visit any colleges you are still undecided about, complete your FAFSA (don't throw things at me when I say FAFSA, hehe!)
  • Prom- April 6th. Payment and required forms can be found in the Senior Google Classroom and has been shared via Remind text
  • Scholarship Reporting Form Due- April 11, 2024- Submitted electronically to Mrs. LeSueur. (separate email to explain)
  • Senior Luncheon- April 23rd- Students will receive their Cap/Gowns at 8:00am in the lunchroom (if balance is paid in full). Cap and Gown pictures will be in the main gym, optional but encouraged. They can wear their cords for the cap and gown pictures and during their walk through the elementary schools after the luncheon. They will be able to keep their cap and gowns and cords after this day. Each sponsor is communicating when and where students can pick up their cords and payment instructions.
  • Senior Awards DayMay 1, 2024 at 9:00am in the PHS Auditorium. I hope you will attend to support your student! Business attire is required (similar to Honor Society requirements) 
  • AP Exams- May 6th - 17th. Only for those Juniors and Seniors currently taking an AP course at Pelham High School.
  • Graduation RehearsalMay 23rd at 9:00AM at the Pelham Civic Complex (Wear normal school clothes, no cap and gown is required at rehearsal). Tickets given out at rehearsal. 
  • GraduationMay 23rdCeremony: 6pm and Seniors Arrive: 5pm