Julie Nelson

Welcome to Ms. Nelson's Teacher Page

This year my academic responsibilities include Anatomy & Physiology, Human Body Systems (HBS), and Marine Science.  My extracurricular responsibilities include Senior Field Day, Senior Luncheon, and Graduation. 

The quickest method to contact me is through my school email:
[email protected]

I try to reply within 24 hours of receiving a message; however, at times it may take me a bit longer (especially if the email is received on the weekend or over a holiday period). 

My main form of communication with my students when we are not in class is Google Classroom.  Whenever a student is absent, I post the day's work in the classwork section.  

My main forms of communication with parents is through Gmail. 

Weekly agendas for all classes are posted on Google Calendar and also on the white boards in the room. 

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns.