Traffic Flow at PHS

Traffic Flow at PHS
Posted on 08/11/2021

It's a new school year and a great time to revisit the traffic circulation plan at Pelham High School. 

  • The lower intersection of Panther Circle and Bearden Road will now be Enter Only. 
  • The upper intersection of Panther Circle and Bearden Road will now be Exit Only.
  • Traffic will flow one-way clockwise along all of Panther Circle.
  • The carpool line before and after school will take place in the lower student parking lot.
  • Student drop off and pick up for check-in or check-out during school hours will take place at the main entrance of the school.
  • Bus circulation will not change. 

The purpose of these changes is to reduce traffic congestion on Bearden Road and create a more efficient flow of traffic on campus. In addition to the traffic flow improvements, we have added a sidewalk with lighting between Bearden Road and the visitor side of the stadium, and we’ve also added lighting for the existing sidewalk between the upper parking lot and the stadium. The area directly in front of the school’s main entrance has also been reconfigured for better traffic flow and parking. 

Take a moment to review the traffic flow changes in this document so you’re familiar with the process.